St John's in the Vale is so much more than a mere short-cut from Threlkeld to Thirlmere. Although in places bounded by fearsome rock walls, lines of access to the higher fells fortunately still remain available from Legburthwaite. Although obviously surrounded by much higher fells, High Rigg is in no way abashed by a lack of height and is both extremely rugged and at the same time like a whole range of fells in its own right. The suggested 7-mile (with 1375ft of ascent) BLACK route will visit the summits of both Low Rigg and High Rigg. The Dodds are situated at the northernmost end of the Helvellyn range and have something of a Jekyll and Hyde character. The summits of these fells are uniformely rolling and grassy, but the flanks falling into St John's in the Vale are often exceptionally rocky and in many places completely out of bounds to mere fell-walkers. Fortunately however, the summits of the Dodds and Clough Head may easily be achieved by following the suggested 9-mile (with 2870ft of ascent) GREEN route.