Ingleborough or Pen-y-ghent from Horton in Ribblesdale - Ingleborough rises as an isolated summit from an extensive plateau of limestone culminating in a fine series of scars. Once thought to be the highest summit in England, the mountain has a unique appeal with its distinctive flat-topped summit a feature easily indentifiable from as far away as Lakeland. A 10.5 mile (with 2000ft of ascent) BLACK route via Clapham Bottoms to the summit is suggested. Pen-y-ghent looks like an ancient galleon with its two-tiered prow sailing purposely across the surrounding countryside, and drawing thousands to its summit each year. Although the lowest of the Yorkshire 'Three Peaks', it is the only one to entertain the Pennine way. An alternative 6 mile BROWN walk to the summit of Pen-y-ghent (with 1610ft of ascent) is also highly recommended.