Wolsingham and the Weardale Way Sunday Walk : 5th January - Margaret Andison, Liz Beech, Linda Boakes, Kay Costello, Theresa Costello, Alfie Cowell, David Ellerington, Lynn Ford, Ian Goodman, Natalie Goodman, Louise Harlanderson, Richard Harlanderson, Carol Lonsdale, Ellen Morrison, Mike Morrison, Claire O'Sullivan, Denise Searle, Ian Thomson, Jean Walker & Ronnie Willison met up at Wolsingham, an enticing little town set in an exceptionally pretty area of countryside in the middle of the Wear Valley with both charming buildings and a heritage railway to explore. A short climb at the start of this 7½-mile BLACK walk (with 785ft of ascent) was rewarded with far-reaching views across the heather-burnished hills and an airy walk beside an archetypical Pennine grouse moor, whilst the river's tussles with the limestone, offers a relaxing finale of riverside walking on the Weardale Way.

2019 Annual General Meeting [28th January] - 17 members kindly attended this meeting with apologies for absence being duly received from a further 10 members. Minutes.

Runswick Bay & Staithes : 1st February - Runswick Bay is one of the most attractive villages on the North Yorkshire coast and a paradise for artists and photographers. Its cottages perch randomly and almost precariously on a series of hillside terraces above the beach and the streets are little more than narrow passageways and flights of steps, which continually open up new vistas as they twist and turn between the close-packed buildings. Both Runswick Bay and Staithes are highly individual coastal villages: the former a picturesque jumble of cottages above a fine sandy beach, the latter an old harbour beside a steep-sided inlet, still with a strong Victorian atmosphere. Jane Brough, Evelyn Brown, Kay Costello, Theresa Costello, Alfie Cowell, David Ellerington, Lynn Ford, Anne Marie Forster, Phil Harland, Peter Hudspith, Ken Johnson, Hedley Oliver, Anne Page, Graeme Page, Dek Parmley, Claire Price, Kishor Raichura, Denise Searle, Roger Smith, Jean Walker & Ronnie Willison travelled on Club provided transport to Runswick Bay where, after meeting up with Emma Farr, Louise Harlanderson Harlanderson, Richard Harlanderson, Dave Landess, Ellen Morrison & Mike Morrison, the majority completed the the suggested 14-mile (with 1134ft of ascent) BLACK 'figure of eight' walk from Runswick Bay to Staithes, Kettleness & Goldsborough.

Hadrian's Wall from Once Brewed Sunday Walk : 23rd February - David Ellerington, Ian Goodman, Natalie Goodman, Louise Harlanderson, Richard Harlanderson, Carol Lonsdale, Andy Nixon, Claire O'Sullivan, Kishor Raichura & Ian Thomson met up at Once Brewed to savour a 7-mile (with 900ft of ascent) BLACK walk along the Stanegate, a military road servicing the frontier defence, to Cawfield Crags and Winshields Crags. Hadrian's Wall is at its most impressive across the Pennines, its formidability heightened by the line of crags upon which it sits. 

Ingleby Moor & Greenhow Bank 7th March - There is an exhilarating feeling on this fine 8-mile (with 1103ft of ascent) BLACK route across open, sweeping and remote North Yorkshire moorland. The walk recalls the heyday of the 19th-Century iron-mining boom and makes use both of an old coach road and a disused railway line. The views are superby throughout. There are only two climbs to be negotiated, and only one of these, up Ingleby Bank, can in any way be described as steep. The descent of Greenhow Bank is via the Ingleby Incline, down which wagons laden with iron ore were lowered until the line closed in 1928. Since closure of the line, Ingleby Greenhow has reverted from a busy and noisy industrial centre back to its pervious sleepy existence. Margaret Andison, Kay Costello, Theresa Costello, David Ellerington, Phil Harland, Ken Johnson, Terry Lapsley + Karen, Andy Nixon, Hedley Oliver, Claire O’Sullivan, Graeme Page, Alan Ross, Roger Smith & Ian Thomson travelled on the minibus to Ingleby Greenhow with the majority chosing to extend the walk to 11¼-mile (with 1500ft of ascent) by following the RED route to the summit of Round Hill and Clay Bank.

Patterdale Long Weekend 12th to 16th March - Liz Beech, Lyn Boyle, Lynn Ford, Anne Marie Forster, Jane Gerono, Paul Gertig, Pauline Gertig, Ian Goodman, Natalie Goodman, Andy Nixon, Carol Lonsdale, Claire O’Sullivan, Ian Storey, Neil Waite & Ronnie Willison spent an enjoyable FOUR night stay (Thursday 12th, Friday 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March, 2020) on the magnificent Patterdale Hall Estate @ £75 per person.


Regretfully Covid-19 managed to result in the cancellation of all other Club events scheduled for 2020.